Summer/winter schools

A credit bearing summer/winter school programme will take place in Mozambique during the first year of the project and another one in Cape Verde during the second year. Each summer/winter school will run over 10 days and will bring together +/- 30 participants representing teachers, students, key policy makers, traditional leaders, NGOs dealing with humanitarian action, and community members. Refugees and those directly impacted by humanitarian disasters will be targeted for inclusion.

The lessons learnt in year one, will be used to develop the new modules, and to adapt existing modules to include Humanitarian Action in the curricula of all the partner institutions. Field visits to Humanitarian Action organisations will be part of summer/winter school. 

 The focus of the summer/winter schools will be on issues such as geo-political, technical, logistical and management aspects of Humanitarian Action; the relationship between topography and infrastructure and vulnerability in disasters; child protection in emergencies; gender in climate change and displacements; the ethical and value dimensions of Humanitarian Action; participatory methodologies in working with communities; intersectionality; the acquisition of essential skills such as conflict resolution and mediation; active listening, and cultural sensitivity and responsiveness; and the use of reflexive dialogue with community members, with an emphasis on working with people in egalitarian ways.