Curriculum development and educator capacity workshop
Athens, 27 April- 6 May, 2022

The second Curriculum Development Workshop was held jointly with the Educator Capacity Building Workshop in person in Athens (27 April-6 May, 2021)

International Seminar “Research and Teaching of Humanitarian Action in Universities in Portuguese-Speaking Countries”

Iscte — University Institute of Lisbon organized an international seminar, which took place on October 21st 2021, under the title of “The Research and Teaching of Humanitarian Action in Universities of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries”. Sponsored by the Camões Institute and in collaboration with deans, researchers, and representatives of non-governmental institutions from Portugal, Cape Verde, and Mozambique. 

Together with the participation of organizations on the ground, the aim of the initiative has been to strengthened cooperation between universities from the Community of Portuguese Language Countries in the field of research and teaching in Humanitarian Action. Another intended result was a deeper understanding of the cooperative efforts between Africa and the European Union, as well as a debate on the impacts of COVID-19 on humanitarian response.

The Humanitarian Action in Mozambique

Dr. César Tembe, Director of the Prevention and Mitigation Division of the National Institute for Disaster Risk Management and Reduction in Mozambique

Curriculum Development and Educator Capacity Workshop

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